The Virtual Conference Platform.


The platform for the conference will be Remo ( Remo enables better interaction between delegates than any other platform we have seen (and we have seen a few in the last couple of years!). Here is a short guide on how it works, what you will find when you first enter, and how to ensure that your technical requirements are all okay.

Using the platform is really very simple. However, we do recommend that you check your technical requirement by logging in to Remo prior to the conference.

Presentation & Conversation Modes

Presentation mode.

Used during sessions when the focus is on the main stage. In this mode at table video calls are disabled, but you can still chat with those at your table using the chat feature. You can also message or ask questions of the presenters, vote in polls, and see who else is attending

Conversation mode.

At table video chat is enabled (and encouraged) allowing you to meet with the other people at your table. In conversation mode you can also search the conference floor to see who else is there, see other tables with space to sit at and move to that table.

The Conference Hall.

The “conference hall” is where you first appear when you attend a Remo event. Initially you are assigned to a random “table”. Tables provide the group sat at that table to enter into a video call, as if they were chatting at the same table in a physical event. There are also “Networking Lounge” areas that work in the same way as the tables.

You can join another table or networking lounge on the Conference Floor by double-clicking on a table or lounge that has free space.

To move around the conference floor you can drag the floorplan around on screen. By scrolling over the avatars you can see who is sitting where. Look out for people you know and if there is room at their table, double click on it and pop in to say hello.

Preparing in Advance of the Event.

The most likely issue you might have attending is that your camera or microphone doesn’t work. This is all checked when you first register on Remo. We recommend that you register in advance of the conference to test that your systems all work. When registering for the first time, you will also set up your login and password and complete your simple profile.

PLEASE NOTE: Remo strongly recommends using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari to access the platform

For further information or to troubleshoot Technical Requirements please click here

For further information or to troubleshoot camera or microphone issues please click here

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