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  • Day 1

    Wednesday 26th February 2020

  • • Identifying the primary value drivers for your Procurement organisation, • Prioritising digital investments that advance Procurement’s primary value driver, and • How to create a long-term digital strategy roadmap for the next 5 years.

  • This session presents a point of view on what ‘digital procurement’ is and why it is a critical part of a more general transition that the Procurement function needs to make • What is digital procurement – a point of view • Procurement’s role in supporting the business’ increasing need for speed • Resolving the tension between compliance and speed – new thinking, new technology • How to bring digital procurement to life

  • Facilitated round-table discussions to identify what the audience’s key priorities and challenges are in relation to procurement technology. The outcomes of the discussions will help the chair and speakers steer the conversation during the remainder of the conference to best address the audience needs.

  • Arguably the most relevant type of solution for procurement would be those labelled S2C or Source to Contract. In this interactive discussion session our expert panel will answer your questions regarding S2C. Typical questions that may arise might be: • What can be automated? • Understanding the landscape – who are the players? • Understanding the significant number of solutions available in the market. What do they do and importantly, what don't they do? What are their points of difference? • Which is better, best of breed or end-to-end technology suite? • How do we build the business case? Panel and cross-room discussion

  • Five minutes to allow delegates to come or go from or to pre-scheduled meetings

  • Big data, analytics, business intelligence, AI are all the rage. Spend analytics and data are two of the recurring biggest priorities for Procurement Professionals right now But what do you really use it for? How do you use data to gain insights that enable creation of additional value?

  • Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments

  • The possibilities with the latest Business Intelligence tools are endless and the speed to delivery will surprise and delight you. See the power of effective spend data visualisation, at both a macro and category level, to drive engagement with senior stakeholders within your organisation. • Utilising Microsoft PowerBI, you will see how a picture (especially an interactive one) is worth more than 1,000 words and will drive internal customers towards procurement. • What do the components of good data visualisation look like? • How can this be used strategically to gain buy-in with stakeholders?

  • Procurement teams often fall prey to the obvious and not so obvious risks lurking around in daily processes. With a lack of oversight in your risk management processes, it can leave your organisation wide-open to a multitude of consequences. More than often, these risks can have a great impact on your financial performance - and don’t forget, your credibility with government bodies and your vendors! In this interactive session you will identify work to identify risks in a case study and work through how technology can safeguard your organisation against those risks.

  • Further time to check out what else is on show.

  • With increased focus on extracting value throughout the contract lifecycle, contract management solutions are one of the first technologies that many organisations are adopting. In this interactive discussion session an expert panel will answer your questions regarding contract management solutions. Typical questions that may arise might be: • What criteria are being used to select providers? What functionality should we be looking for? • What does the typical workflow look like in contract management solutions? • How do you make the business case for such technology? What is the value proposition? • How effective are these tools for tracking contract compliance? • How do we ensure we get good user adoption?

  • So what are the next big things in procurement enabling technology? We hear much about ‘sexy’ new technologies such as AI, RPA and Blockchain. Some of these are a reality already, others still in the future. We wrap up the day by looking at the current state of these technologies and where our expert panel see the next big advances and wins coming. Are we ready for these technologies, or are we getting ahead of ourselves? Panel discussion

  • Join with your peers and participating solutions providers for an hour of networking over drinks to end the day.

  • Day 2

    Thursday 27th February 2020

  • The challenge for procurement leaders, and associated stakeholders within the P2P capability, is to improve the user experience, whilst balancing against different buying patterns, more complex buying behaviours, business users being further removed from suppliers and more complex purchasing processes. In this interactive discussion session an expert panel will answer your questions regarding procure to pay (P2P) process and how it can be successfully implemented.

  • Okay, so you have made the decision to proceed with a technology solution. What are the key considerations you need to understand to ensure that your implementation goes to plan and that you deliver the outcome that you set out to achieve?

  • Investing in the right procurement technology is only half the struggle. You need your procurement professionals and purchasers to leverage that technology effectively to gain maximum return-on-investment. This presentation will explore some of the educational tools and techniques available to educate on procurement technology; including context sensitive help, Q&A chatbots, and user generated content leveraging Office 365.

  • Our ability to get disparate systems talking to each other fundamentally effects the kind of tech solutions we can consider. What are the latest developments in the world of API’s and how should this influence your decision-making when procuring new solutions?

  • Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments

  • What are the top ten tips we can take away from the last two days to help us succeed on our procurement technology journey. This session will allow us to have an open discussion with the audience where we discuss the key learnings from ProcureTECH 2020 and what we can take-away and apply to our business. Facilitated cross room discussion=