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  • Day 1

    Thursday 14 November 2019

  • This session presents a point of view on what ‘digital procurement’ is and why it is a critical part of a more general transition that the Procurement function needs to make • What is digital procurement – a point of view • Procurement’s role in supporting the business’ increasing need for speed • Resolving the tension between compliance and speed – new thinking, new technology • How to bring digital procurement to life

  • Facilitated round-table discussions to identify what the audience’s key priorities and challenges are in relation to procurement technology. The outcomes of the discussions will help the chair and speakers steer the conversation during the remainder of the conference to best address the audience needs.

  • In 2018, as part of their growth strategy, North Queensland Airport’s Board pushed forward with a vision to transform their finance organisation to bring it into the digital age. As part of this transformation, consulting company GRA conducted a supply chain review. Their findings highlighted key areas that could significantly impact the value the finance organization could bring to NQA. Their focus was the digitization of the procurement function with the aim to be faster, smarter and most importantly, transparent, bringing greater visibility to NQA so they can drive cost savings, efficiencies and a better customer experience. In this session Sarah will share the journey that NQA has begun, how they got started, what drives them, the challenges they faced, successes to date and what’s on the horizon.

  • Five minutes to allow delegates to come or go from or to pre-scheduled meetings

  • Technology vendors see potential clients taking an array of different approaches when seeking solutions. Some of these approaches work well, others are terrible! In this interactive session experts from Felix will work with the audience to design the kind of market approach that is going to deliver you the best results.

  • Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments

  • In this interactive discussion session an expert panel will explore: • What value should you be bringing at each stage? • Contract Management solution features & functions you should look for • Reporting outcomes that should occur at each stage • Time spent in each stage of maturity • How should you measure value? Panel discussion moderated by Portt Panellists to be confirmed shortly

  • The use of excel in procurement is not only a given, it is often championed by procurement heads. For most procurement professionals it is the default ‘technology’ option. Yet something that is not discussed, because most are completely unaware of it, is the significant risk that excel exposes your business, your leaders, and staff to, on a daily basis. These risks have lead to million and billion dollar failures, company insolvencies, and firings in a more than just a couple of well documented cases. It is not a matter of ‘when this might happen in the future’. The likelihood is that is already happening in your procurement teams……..right now. In this session, Simon will examine and explain the well-documented research that illustrates what those risks are and what you can do to mitigate them.

  • Further time to check out what else is on show.

  • Drawing on his experience of implementing a number of contract management systems, Phill will explain the tricks and traps he has learned to help you drive a successful technology project. Starting with the why and ending with the benefits delivered to the organisation, the session will examine the change management, required skill-sets, data and the people issues that you will encounter along the way.

  • So what are the next big things in procurement enabling technology? We hear much about ‘sexy’ new technologies such as AI, RPA and Blockchain. Some of these are a reality already, others still in the future. We wrap up the day by looking at the current state of these technologies and where our expert panel see the next big advances and wins coming. Are we ready for these technologies, or are we getting ahead of ourselves? Panel discussion

  • Join with your peers and participating solutions providers for an hour of networking over drinks to end the day.