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Most procurement teams are grappling with the challenges of ‘going digital’. The drivers for this are many; from the desire to streamline processes and drive efficiencies, to better serve end users, to capture better data, to drive greater compliance, to free up procurement time to work more strategically or simply to buy better.

ProcureTECH is the region’s only event specifically focussed on those technologies that enable and assist the procurement function. Traditionally alternated each year between Sydney and Melbourne, we recognize that the need for the kind of information and technology viewing opportunity that ProcureTECH provides is equally required in the other major ANZ markets. We therefore made the decision to bring the format to Brisbane first, with other major centres to follow.

The 2019 Brisbane programme addresses the key challenges most procurement teams face when making the business case for adopting technology, selecting the right solutions and ensuring that implementation goes to plan.

The programme will be highly interactive with most sessions based around discussions between expert contributors and attending delegates. There will be few presentations, with most sessions designed to enable you to directly address your specific queries and knowledge gaps.

As at all previous ProcureTECH events, buyers will be able to attend under the FREE ‘hosted buyer’ model: See details below.

Technology Showcase

ProcureTECH will provide the only opportunity of the year for Brisbane-based procurement professionals to explore a wide range of procurement enabling solutions in one place – at one time.

At the time of writing, it looks like we will have a good line-up of technology solutions in the technology showcase, with everything from enterprise end-to-end solutions to more niche players who specialize in specific elements of the procurement process.

Viewing the solutions in one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings in the tech showcase provides a far better opportunity to understand their different features and benefits than is often the case at events,where you are trying to have the discussion during a break with your hands full of coffee and muffins (or the like!).

Reasons to Attend

Adoption of the right technologies has long been recognised as one of the three key pillars for building procurement capability. The others being ‘people’ and ‘process’. An argument is often made that increasingly technology and process are inseparable.

By attending ProcureTECH you will not only have the chance to explore what technologies are out there and what they can do for you, but also accelerate your understanding of the key issues involved in:

  • Identifying the business problems you are looking to solve
  • Scoping your technology needs
  • Making the business case for technology adoption
  • Viewing new technology solutions in the technology showcase
  • Selecting appropriate technologies
  • Implementing new technology
  • Integrating with existing systems

No other event in the calendar provides you with this unique opportunity

Who Should Attend

If you have responsibility for any of the following, you should be at ProcureTECH

  • Process improvement in your organisation (and who isn’t?)
  • Making the business case for technology adoption
  • Building procurement capability
  • Driving procurement excellence
  • Selecting appropriate solutions
  • Ensuring successful implementation
  • Delivering improved customer experience

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