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Event Overview

Most procurement teams are grappling with the challenges of ‘going digital’. The drivers for this are many, from the desire to streamline processes and drive efficiencies, to better serve end users, to capture better data, to drive greater compliance, to free up procurement time to work more strategically or simply to buy better.

ProcureTECH is the region’s only event specifically focussed on those technologies that enable and assist the procurement function.

The 2019 programme addresses the key challenges most procurement teams face when making the business case, selecting and implementing the right solutions for them.

As in the previous three years, ProcureTECH will run for just over one-and-a-half days, concluding shortly after lunchtime on day two. We felt in the last two years that this was sufficient time to conduct all of the supplier meetings and for buyers to attend those educational sessions that were most of interest to them.

Technology Showcase

ProcureTECH provides the best opportunity of the year to explore a wide range of procurement enabling solutions in one place – at one time. At the time of writing, it looks like we will have the largest line-up of technology solutions in the technology showcase, with everything from enterprise end-to-end solutions to more niche players who specialize in specific elements of the procurement process.

If you attend as a hosted buyer, you can use our online meetings scheduling system to pre-schedule 20 minute appointments with those vendors you are most interested in meeting with. There is also plenty of time built in to the programme to enable more informal viewing of the solutions being showcased.

Buyers Attend Free

As was successfully implemented at ProcureTECH events in previous years, this event will adopt a ‘hosted buyer’ model, whereby buyer/procurement delegates can attend free of charge.

In order to qualify for the hosted buyer programme, procurement delegates must commit to conducting a minimum of four pre-scheduled meetings with participating technology suppliers.

These pre-scheduled meetings will be conducted while the main conference programme is in progress, meaning that hosted buyers must elect to opt out of two of the eight scheduled seminar sessions. They will still be able to attend all plenary sessions.

Any one organisation may only claim a maximum of two hosted buyer tickets.

Reasons to Attend

Adoption of the right technologies has long been recognised as one of the three key pillars for building procurement capability. The others being ‘people’ and ‘process’. An argument is often made that increasingly technology and process are inseparable.

By attending ProcureTECH you will not only have the chance to explore what technologies are out there and what they can do for you, but also accelerate your understanding of the key issues involved in:

  • Identifying the business problems you are looking to solve
  • Scoping your technology needs
  • Making the business case for technology adoption
  • Viewing new technology solutions in the technology showcase
  • Selecting appropriate technologies
  • Implementing new technology
  • Integrating with existing systems

No other event in the calendar provides you with this unique opportunity

Who Should Attend

If you have responsibility for any of the following, you should be at ProcureTECH

  • Process improvement in your organisation (and who isn’t?)
  • Making the business case for technology adoption
  • Building procurement capability
  • Driving procurement excellence
  • Selecting appropriate solutions
  • Ensuring successful implementation
  • Delivering improved customer experience

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  • Day 1

    Wednesday 20th February 2019

  • In many ways, today’s procurement organizations resemble white-collar versions of manufacturing in the 1970s. Manual processes still dominate procurement, even as automation transforms other business functions. Routine, labor-intensive transactional activities—pricing negotiations, contract awards, contract renewals, supplier performance monitoring—consume time and attention. Procurement workers also spend hours piecing together fragmented information flows from a myriad of transactions, a task technology could perform in seconds in a manner that enables greater insight. Internal stakeholders, meanwhile, grow frustrated by what they perceive as slow service from procurement, and yearn for self-service options and direct access to end-to-end data streams. All this is about to change… In this session, we will outline why we believe that we are at a tipping point and that digital technology will revolutionize procurement over the coming years. We will argue that a convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and other new technologies will automate manual processes and empower business users with the tools and information to get what they need without help from procurement, and give real-world case studies on how these advances can be applied. This creates exciting opportunities for Procurement functions that are willing to be agile, experiment and take a few measured risks as they re-invent themselves; however a ‘do nothing’ stance is not an option.

  • Digitisation is apparently one of the next key steps if you are to develop a world class procurement function. This session raises a number of questions about ‘digital’ procurement and its role in delivering a better customer experience.
    • What is digital procurement and how is it related to customer centricity?
    • Why are we even talking about “digital procurement”?
    • What are the implications of digital and customer centricity for procurement technology
    • What are the technology options?
    • Where do you start?

    • Is your organisation ready for change? The recommended steps to take before embarking on a systems project
    • The importance of processes and people as a part of your transformation
    • Ensuring you get the right system

  • Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments

  • Utilising case study examples from the utility, manufacturing and public sectors, Shane will show how spend analysis technology can enable you to identify opportunities and redefine your procurement purpose and value proposition. Spend analysis is the basis for every procurement organisation and by enriching and visualize your data you can confidently make data informed decisions on procurement organisation design, capability requirements, commodity and supplier strategies, cost efficiency opportunities and sourcing decisions.

  • Through enabling AI technology, we can finally start to free Procurement professionals from the reactive transactional processes that tie them down and allow them to dedicate more of their time to the strategic value add activities. In this session we will demonstrate how AI is currently being used to support the decision making of CPOs / CFOs with quick and meaningful insights into the complex financial data sets of their organisations. We will also discuss how AI is supporting the management of risk and compliance and will propose how the standard Procurement Operating Model and underpinning processes are becoming more agile due to AI. Be the AI champion in your organisation

  • In a rapidly changing world of digitization, automation and the increase of compliance reporting, contract managers are being compelled to take new approaches to getting up to date information fast. For those of us managing contracts, internal and external relationships, it can be challenging. Support and alignment between key stakeholders and technology is critical.
    • How are industry leaders responding to the critical need for contract compliance visibility?
    • How can businesses ensure the business is not order slitting or double paying?
    • Ensuring data collection enables the effective tracking of supplier performance
    • How can we work together to improve the way risks are viewed and handled?
    • Undertaking enhanced governance and performance management
    Walk away with a practical approach to assist you in developing your contracting strategy including advice on ways to engage your senior leaders.

  • Further time to check out what else is on show

  • Is it possible to design a scope without knowing what the market has to offer?”

  • With so many solutions out there, from the major ERP vendors to small, niche players, and with widely varying functionality and pricing, how do procurement leaders wade through the morass to find the solution that is going to be most appropriate to them?
    • What intangible factors should you consider when selecting technology vendors?
    • Do you need to be more transparent with vendors in order to arrive at the best outcomes?

  • Day 2

    Thursday 21st February 2019

  • How do you free up time and more effectively manage a category? An expert in RPA reveals:
    • What RPA is (and what it isn’t)
    • When it can be used
    • How they are using RPA to manage the energy category

  • Why Transparency, Governance and Data is more important than meeting budget and time targets
    • Learnings from failed projects
    • Who’s decision?
    • Gaining transparency
    • What does good governance look like?
    • Tips for better outcomes

  • Nowadays it's a given that Procurement will deliver at optimum cost, while managing the risks inherent in sourcing for a complex organisation. This panel will look beyond the obvious - at the potential for the function to deliver value in non-traditional ways, whether by providing insights that can support operational excellence, by building sustainable supply chains, or by supporting corporate goals and policies around local sourcing or social procurement.

  • This panel session will review the progressive practices and considerations required to achieve Business Spend Transformation in your organisation. These include :
    • Procurement operating models
    • Change management practices
    • Engagement with end users
    • Up-skilling the internal team
    • Bringing suppliers on the journey to make the technology investment a success
    Join procurement leaders and industry experts as we refer to real life experiences from those who have been on this journey.

  • Enterprise Value is potentially the next frontier in the future of procurement. How can the procurement leaders future proof their organisation to meet the challenges and demands of delivering Enterprise Value by addressing their system needs through latest technology?

  • So what did we learn and what haven’t we covered? Facilitated cross-room discussion addressing those remaining questions from delegates. Often these types of events raise as many questions as answers. In this session we will try, collectively, to answer those remaining questions. Facilitated discussion


Pricing and Discounts

Hosted Buyer Ticket - Free

Paid *Buyer Ticket - $999 + GST

Paid **Vendor Ticket - $1495 + GST

Paid PASA CONNECT Member Ticket - $499.50 + GST

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Definition of:

*Hosted Buyer – In order to qualify for the hosted buyer programme, delegates must commit to conducting a minimum of four pre-scheduled meetings with participating technology suppliers. As the name suggests, the programme is only available to delegates from the ‘buy-side’, who would be seeking to adopt procurement technologies in their organisation.

*Paid Buyer – Buyers not wishing to participate in the hosted buyer programme may register for the event as a paid buyer

*Vendor – Are anyone providing goods, services, solutions, support services or advice to procurement

Thanks to our ProcureTECH Partners


Partnership and Showcase Opportunities

ProcureTECH provides a unique opportunity for suppliers of procurement support technologies to interact with a targeted audience. Whether participating as a ProcureTECH Partner, Exhibitor in the technology showcase, or as a Networking Partner, you will get numerous opportunities to engage with an audience whose sole purpose for attending is to learn more about the kind of solutions you have to offer.

The ‘Hosted Buyer’ programme enables vendors and buyers to conduct pre-arranged meetings throughout the event. It provides Partners and Exhibitors with even greater opportunities than before to engage meaningfully with our audience of qualified prospects.

If you are a provider of technology or technology related services that support procurement, then you can’t afford to miss ProcureTECH.

For full details of available options please contact:

Vanessa Preece
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