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Event Overview

The 5th Annual ProcureTECH conference is the only event in the region dedicated purely to those technology solutions that enable greater procurement capability. World class procurement functions are increasingly looking to technology to drive improvement in their capacity to deliver value to their organisations, yet in Australia the uptake of e-procurement solutions has been relatively slow.

However, it would appear that this is now changing. Based on conversations I have had in recent months, I sense that more and more organisations are moving towards technology solutions and for a variety of reasons. Whether it be to drive greater efficiency, manage compliance, provide greater visibility into spend ,or simply to serve internal customers better, I suspect that we have hit a tipping point in regard to use of technology in procurement. Those procurement functions who don’t move in this direction will be left behind and potentially become surplus to requirements.

The programme for ProcureTECH 2018 addresses many of the key issues faced by procurement leaders looking to adopt technology, starting with fundamental questions around why you might be looking to technology solutions, what you hope to achieve through it, exploring the key factors you need to be considering in selecting the most appropriate solution, to ensuring that it delivers on the promise, and finally to measure the value that has been achieved through the programme. The programme features a healthy mix of speakers from the buy side, the world of advisory, and of course the real experts in this stuff, the solutions providers themselves.


Technology Showcase

ProcureTECH provides the best opportunity of the year to explore a wide range of procurement enabling solutions in one place – at one time. At the time of writing, it looks like we will have the largest line-up of technology solutions in the technology showcase, with everything from enterprise end-to-end solutions to more niche players who specialize in specific elements of the procurement process. If you attend as a hosted buyer, you can use our online meetings scheduling system to pre-schedule 20 minute appointments with those vendors you are most interested in meeting with. There is also plenty of time built in to the programme to enable more informal viewing of the solutions being showcased.

Buyers Attend Free

As was successfully implemented at ProcureTECH events in previous years, this event will adopt a ‘hosted buyer’ model, whereby buyer delegates can attend free of charge.

In order to qualify for the hosted buyer programme, delegates must commit to conducting a minimum of four pre-scheduled meetings with participating technology suppliers.

These pre-scheduled meetings will be conducted while the main conference programme is in progress, meaning that hosted buyers must elect to opt out of two of the eight scheduled seminar sessions. They will still be able to attend all plenary sessions.

Any one organisation may only claim a maximum of two hosted buyer tickets.

Reasons to Attend

Adoption of the right technologies has long been recognised as one of the three key pillars for building procurement capability, increasing efficiency, and enabling organisations to drive hugely increased value from their procurement functions. By attending ProcureTECH you will not only have the chance to explore what technologies are out there and what they can do for you, but also accelerate your understanding of the key issues involved in:

• Scoping your technology needs
• Making the business case for technology adoption
• Selecting appropriate technologies
• Implementing new technology
• Integrating with existing systems
• Measuring the benefits from your technology deployment

No other event in the calendar provides you with this unique opportunity.

Who Should Attend

If you are responsible for:

• Process improvement in your organisation (and who isn’t?)
• Building capability
• Driving procurement excellence
• Ensuring that technology solutions are successfully implemented
• Driving change management programmes to ensure adoption
• Delivering desired outcomes, both in terms of efficiencies and savings
• Measuring and reporting those savings

then ProcureTECH is the event for you.

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  • Day 1

    1st March 2018

  • 09.00 - 09.05

  • 09.05 - 09.40
    There are so many procurement systems available in the marketplace today and most offer cloud-based, software as a service platform. This makes them cheaper, easier to implement and offering feature-rich user experiences! With all of this choice, you would think it would be easy to get it right – so why is it so hard to choose the right solution and get people to use it? Rhodri will talk us through some of the techniques to select the right technology provider for your organisation and most importantly – how to implement it successfully to get the benefits you were promised!

  • 09.40 - 10.25
    Unitywater case study on the challenges of modernising and combining a legacy ERP “Purchase to Pay” (P2P) solution with a bespoke SaaS “Source to Contract” (S2C) capability, to create a combined “Source to Pay” (S2P) solution. Namejs will cover a wide range of issues addressed in this project, including: - How they identified and selected a start-up SaaS S2C solution from the US - How they designed, built and implemented a holistic source-to-pay solution for their construction and goods/service’s needs. - How they kept focus on the desired outcomes and scope in delivering the benefits.

  • 10.55 - 11.35
    Facilitated round-table discussions to identify what the audience’s key priorities and challenges are in relation to procurement technology. The outcomes of the discussions will help the chair and speakers steer the conversation during the remainder of the conference to best address the audience needs.

  • 11.40 - 12.20
    "If all the projected benefits in business cases presented to me were real, this would be the most successful business on the planet!" We all inherit the legacy of overstated benefits and under-estimated costs in business cases in general, and procurement business cases in particular. So the CIO's suspicion means that it can be challenging to build a credible business case for technology investments in procurement, even if the numbers appear to stack up. Attending this session will allow you to: • Define the problem or opportunity in terms that business stakeholders value • Diagnose the issues and concerns of the key decision makers • Define and scale the costs, benefits, risks and timescales in ways that are credible • Take away a simple tool to manage the uncertainty associated with potential project outcomes

  • 12.20 - 13.20
    Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments

  • 13.20 - 14.00
    In an era where flexibility and agility are essential for an organisation’s success, industry leaders must be able to pivot at a moment’s notice to gain commercial advantage from disruptive forces, including new technology. This means having the ability to rapidly and intelligently adjust short-term strategies to ensure you can achieve your organisation’s long-term objectives. In this session, you learn how our customers are leading this transformation in procurement through digital. How by investing in the right technology platform they can better collaborate with trading partners across their entire supply chain, make faster and smarter business decisions, and simplify their end-to-end business processes.

  • 14.00 - 14.40
    Procurement teams are often stuck in a world of tender cycles and catalogues that don’t enable rapid response to market opportunities. Modern buyers are tech savvy, seeking web solutions that enable predictive buying, and the flexibility to match the type of commodity or service required with the right channel buying strategy. In this session you will learn: • Why tenders aren’t always the best option ● When Introducing new e-trade technologies - how & why you’ll want to use them ● How pre-qualification tools open the door to live trading ○ What is buyer driven price tension? ○ What and when to use supplier driven buying ● What is market tension? – how does it work? What are the benefits? ● Think outside the box - works based auctions

  • 14.45 - 15.30
    Having gone through the process herself in recent times, Lynn will bring real, practical experience to the questions: • Are procurement teams the worst at buying for themselves? • Don’t buy something for the sake of it: What problem are you trying to solve?

  • 15.30 - 16.00
    Further time to check out what else is on show.

  • 16.00 - 16.40
    A question that is commonly asked is ‘How do you leverage procurement software and services so that it delivers business value’. Here we will discuss the importance of design thinking, which is a process that integrates user needs, technologies and the business requirements to achieve one common objective. During this practical interactive session, Bill will: • Share insights into how design thinking is creating value within procurement • Demonstrate how organisations are leveraging social collaboration to streamline the source to pay process • Explain the evolution of procurement technologies and how these are supporting business objectives

  • 16.45 - 17.15
    With so many solutions out there, from the major ERP vendors to small, niche players, and with widely varying functionality and pricing, how do procurement leaders wade through the morass to find the solution that is going to be most appropriate to them?

  • 17.15 - 18.15

  • Day 2

    2nd March 2018

  • 09.00 - 09.05

  • 09.05 - 09.40
    How to ensure you get the best fit for your business when deciding on an IT solution: it is easy to be swayed by the “bells and whistles” offered by IT suppliers, but will they really solve your Procurement Problems? In this presentation, Robert will tackle the dilemma faced by most IT projects of whether to create a bespoke solution or use a solution “out of the box” by discussing; • The importance of defining the problem and understanding your requirements • The short and long-term consequences of bespoke verses “out of the box” solutions • How to Identify critical success factors

  • 09.45 - 10.25
    Are you thinking of employing new procurement technology or changing your vendor? There are certain questions to be asked and infrastructures to be prepared to ensure correct selection and successful implementation of new procurement technology. To make the most out of your technology, it is essential to prepare a base that allows it to thrive and provide results that can help your procurement team and in-turn your business to grow to the next level. In this session you will learn: • Pre-requisites to employ procurement software • How can a procurement team prepare itself for procurement technology • Complete solution suite vs point solutions (What your organization needs) • Change management amongst stakeholders • Paving the path for successful implementation

  • 11.00 - 11.40
    Most of the work required to implement procurement technology occurs before and after selecting the technology vendor. As most procurement platforms are used by both vendors and internal stakeholders, widespread adoption is crucial. Mike and Dylan will examine the enduring challenges related to procurement technology adoption and explore different ways to overcome them. This includes the level of platform specialisation and the investment of time and money into change management. In this session: • Learn how to overcome challenges with procurement technology adoption. • How should you approach the market? Is it possible to design a scope without knowing what the market has to offer? • How to lead the internal sales process and align stakeholders with your vision. • Effective planning of implementation strategies and staged roll outs.

  • 11.45 - 12.25
    Robotic Process Automation involves the use of specialised software to automate repeatable and predictable computer based processes performed by humans. It is attractive to many organisations as it performs repetitive tasks at reduced cost with superior data quality. In this session we will discuss: • What is Robotic Process Automation. • How can it be used in a procurement. • How it is being used in other organisations. • How easy or difficult is it to implement. • What are the benefits to your organisation

  • 13.10 - 13.50
    “Digital’ and ‘Digitisation’ are two words we are increasingly hearing, surrounded by buzz words and ambitious opportunities, as being the next great thing for procurement. But [HPetzold] are procurement functions ready for it, how to find the right approach to go about it, what does it really come down to and where to start with preparation and adoption? In this session you will explore: • How to prepare for what is coming and how to adopt • Whether digitisation will impact the way procurement engages suppliers or more in regards to procurement operations? • Lessons for procurement from the consumer or customer-facing side of the business

  • 13.55 - 14.30
    Research shows that most IT projects fail to deliver on the expected promise. And the reason most often cited is poor implementation. What steps can we take to ensure that our procurement technology project delivers on the promise and provides the expected return on investment? Other Panellists: TBC


Pricing and Discounts

Hosted Buyer Ticket - Free

Paid *Buyer Ticket - $999 + GST

Paid **Vendor Ticket - $1495 + GST

Paid PASA CONNECT Member Ticket - $499.50 + GST

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Definition of:

*Hosted Buyer – In order to qualify for the hosted buyer programme, delegates must commit to conducting a minimum of four pre-scheduled meetings with participating technology suppliers. As the name suggests, the programme is only available to delegates from the ‘buy-side’, who would be seeking to adopt procurement technologies in their organisation.

*Paid Buyer – Buyers not wishing to participate in the hosted buyer programme may register for the event as a paid buyer

*Vendor – Are anyone providing goods, services, solutions, support services or advice to procurement

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Partnership and Showcase Opportunities

ProcureTECH provides a unique opportunity for suppliers of procurement support technologies to interact with a targeted audience. Whether participating as a ProcureTECH Partner, Exhibitor in the technology showcase, or as a Networking Partner, you will get numerous opportunities to engage with an audience whose sole purpose for attending is to learn more about the kind of solutions you have to offer.

The ‘Hosted Buyer’ programme enables vendors and buyers to conduct pre-arranged meetings throughout the event. It provides Partners and Exhibitors with even greater opportunities than before to engage meaningfully with our audience of qualified prospects.

If you are a provider of technology or technology related services that support procurement, then you can’t afford to miss ProcureTECH.

For full details of available options please contact:

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