Conference Day One Wednesday 22nd February 2017 

*Session TBC’s – A few sessions are currently awaiting final confirmation. In some cased these are sessions that we are working through with major sponsors, in other cases where we are awaiting copy from speakers. Full details should be published shortly.

8.00am: Registration opens

9.00am: Introduction and welcome from chair

Jennie Vickers, Director Australia and New Zealand, International Association for Contract & Commercial Management IACCM



9.05am: Why are you looking to automate?anthony-english150

Procurement, like other areas of the business, is feeling the need to move towards automation. Cost reduction is a major driver behind upgrades to existing systems, introducing new applications and the use of cloud services.

For procurement professionals, new technology can be very daunting. IT vendors can often get too technical. Procurement can feel intimidated by technology. Vendors can jump into the “how to” discussion, without a strong grasp of the business driver behind a project.

When assessing any IT solution, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of what pain or underlying business problem it’s actually solving. Otherwise you’re at risk of implementing solutions that are technically successful, but don’t really move the needle in the business.

Anthony English is an IT consultant with a very unorthodox sales approach. He tries to talk his clients out of using his services unless both he and the client can identify the value of the project. This strategy helps everyone to pinpoint the exact problem that an IT solution is meant to address.

In this talk, Anthony will outline how important it is to have a conversation early on about why a project is happening in the first place. He calls it “the why conversation”. He will show how procurement professionals can use this approach to ensure that IT projects really address the underlying business problem.

Anthony English, IT Consultant for Large Enterprise Critical Systems, IT Down Under Pty Ltd

9.40am: Procurement Technology – So what exactly does work?Vernon Kringas150

Based on extensive due diligence that Vernon has conducted on solutions available in the ANZ market, he will seek to unravel some of the mysteries of exactly what does what:

  • Where technology can help procurement and where it cannot
  • Which elements of technology provide the biggest “bang for your buck”
  • Where different solutions fit in the procurement automation spectrum

Vernon Kringas, Director Procurement Operations, Infosys Portland

10.25am: Break for networking and general viewing

10.55am: THE FUTURE OF PROCUREMENT: Medibank on a transformation journey

Procurement is fast becoming a platform for value creation. And aided by the right technologies, it will continue to transform and add strategic value beyond cost reductions and processes efficiencies. Medibank right now is going through a similar transformation and in this session we will hear about some insights from the journey they have embarked on.

Melanie de Wit – Procure to Pay Lead at Medibank

(An SAP Ariba case study)

Partner Meetings

Meeting 1
10.55 – 11.15am

Meeting 2
11.15 – 11.35am

11.35am: Break to switch sessions around

11.40am: The Devil Inside: Automating a bad process just makes bad things happen fasterrobert-taylor150

  • Understanding the truth about your processes
  • Signs of a P2P implementation that doesn’t address all your processes
  • How to approach complexity when designing a process

Robert Taylor, Process Improvement Manager, SCM, CSC

Partner Meetings

Meeting 3
11.40 – 12.00pm

Meeting 4
12.00 – 12.20pm

12.20pm: Lunch and general viewing time

Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments

1.20pm: Take the Dull Edge off Procurement with Cutting Edge Cloud Analyticstim_oconnell_large

  • Delve beyond typical spend and supplier reporting for deeper insights
  • Understand your procurement process, bottlenecks and increase organisational efficiency
  • Leverage the latest in cloud analytics technology to support strategic decision making and gain competitive advantage

Tim O’Connell – Director of Analytics at Single Cell

1.50pm: Supplier Enablement – Proven best practices and creative incentive ideas.matt-fisher

  • Proven best practices for enabling suppliers in any eProcurement or P2P system.
  • Creative ways to encourage suppliers to want to go the extra mile for you.
  • Essential for anyone involved in enabling/onboarding/managing suppliers.

Matt Fisher, Co-Founder of BuyerQuest and author for Suppliers Matter blog

Partner Meetings

Meeting 5
1.20 – 1.50pm 




Meeting 6
1.50 – 2.10pm

Meeting 7
2.10 – 2.30pm 

2.30pm: Break to switch sessions around

2.35pm: “How can technology help drive social procurement and CSR objectives?”

  • What is the intersection of procurement and Social/CSR objectives?
  • What are the procurement challenges in the current landscape?
  • What relevant lessons have been learnt?
  • What is the role of technology?
  • Do standard procurement principles still apply?
  • What’s possible and where is it heading?

Matthew Clyne, Director, VendorPanel

3.05pm: What’s the Future of Procurement?

Dale Burgess, Vice President Australia & New Zealand, Tradeshift

Partner Meetings

Meeting 8
2.35 – 2.55pm

Meeting 9
2.55 – 3.15pm

3.15pm: Afternoon Refreshments and Technology viewing time

Further time to check out what else is on show

3.45pm: The 7th RIGHT – the new urgency of buying in The Right Wayjonathan-dutton-200x200px

Increasingly, stakeholder groups seem concerned not just over the actual sources of supply, but also the management of the supply chain process itself.

  • The ubiquitous FIVE rights and the added SIXTH right – buying from The Right Source .
  • The new Seventh RIGHT – buying in THE RIGHT WAY .
  • The true value of automation in the procurement process

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, Sales & Marketing Director, Open Windows Software & Former CEO at CIPSA 2004-2013

Partner Meetings

Meeting 10
3.45 – 4.05pm

Meeting 11
4.05 – 4.25pm

4.25pm: Break to switch sessions around

4.30pm: Panel Discussionjonathan-dutton-200x200px

How should we be approaching the market when seeking technology solutions?

  • What intangible factors should we consider when selecting technology vendors?
  • Do we need to be more transparent during eProcurement vendor evaluation and project implementation?

Panelists to be confirmed
Facilitated by Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, JD Consultancy

5.10pm-6.10pm: Networking Drinks




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